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Friday, November 17, 2006

3G UMTS device as Internet for Desktop PC

How to make your GPRS or UMTS Windows Mobile Device or Pocket PC act as a wireless modem to connect to the internet throught your Desktop PC

Most UMTS/GPRS Pocket PC's have a software ( WModem) which lets your device act like a Wireless Modem

But how to run this

Once you run this software your computer will detect it and install it as a modem

You can connect between your Pocket PC and Desktop with a USB port, Bluetooh or Infrared

Now set up dial up connection using this new modem(ur device)

what after that???

GPRS and UMTS device need a special no. to connect


is the usual dial up no.

depending upon ur service provider you will be asked to choose a username and pass before completing the dial up connection setup / oderwise u can leave it blank

once done use your device to connect to d net

these devices need access points (in the POCKET PC Configuration)

which u can get from your service provide


3G : telstra.wap

GPRS : telstra.gprs

CDMA device as Wireless Modem to be used on the Desktop

Same as 3G

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