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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How to view the songs you are listening on Real Player in MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger

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Because I am working with Windows Live Messenger, this one gives a little problem

Click Here to Download Real2MSN v1.0

the latest version 1.1 doesn't even work, but theabove on 1.0 works with Windows Live Messenger

But this is what you have to be clear with

If you have a playlist open or any other real media window opened while you hearing a song, the Real2MSN will give you an error

So to hear the songs you playing on Real Player (tested on real player 10), have the most basic interface open, and just Turn on "What I am listening to" in your Windows Live Messenger

Test Included:
Real Player 10
Windows Live Messenger 8.0
Real2MSN 1.0

PS: Test Failed with Music2MSN 1.1