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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How to view the songs you are listening on Real Player in MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger

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Because I am working with Windows Live Messenger, this one gives a little problem

Click Here to Download Real2MSN v1.0

the latest version 1.1 doesn't even work, but theabove on 1.0 works with Windows Live Messenger

But this is what you have to be clear with

If you have a playlist open or any other real media window opened while you hearing a song, the Real2MSN will give you an error

So to hear the songs you playing on Real Player (tested on real player 10), have the most basic interface open, and just Turn on "What I am listening to" in your Windows Live Messenger

Test Included:
Real Player 10
Windows Live Messenger 8.0
Real2MSN 1.0

PS: Test Failed with Music2MSN 1.1

Monday, October 23, 2006



Click Here To View the File

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Solution to : Can't Install IIS on Windows XP SP 2

Solution 1:

1. Run "esentutl /g %windir%\security\database\secedit.sdb" to see if the DB is corrupted.

2. If so, follow KB 278316;en-us;278316

3. Reboot if necessary

Solution 2:

1. Create an empty folder on your harddrive called something like "c:\WinXp" (name doesn’t really matter. Just make sure it is empty).

2. Copy the i386 folder off your original WinXP CD into your new empty folder.

3. Put your WinXPSP2 CD in your drive.

4. Open a CMD prompt and change to the location of XPSP2.exe

5. Type "xpsp2.exe /integrate:c:\WinXp"

6. Attempt to install IIS again.

7. When it prompts for files point it to "c:\WinXP"

Thursday, October 19, 2006

how to rip copy videos from youtube, google ifilm etc

how to rip copy videos from youtube, google ifilm etc


1. how to rip videos from youtube, google videos, ifilm etc
2. download firefox from
3. download vlc player from
4. From firefox goto efox/2390/
5. Download Video Downloader
6. Goto for help

Top 3 Media Players, Music Players, mp3 Players


Rank 1

Real Player 10

+ve :

Its more of an all in one player, mp3, and rm are what we really care about, mp3 to share, rm for online music

Looks Good

Built in Web Browser

Search Media Library

-ve :

Too much memory usage, annoyting advertisments


Rank 1

Real Player Alternative

+ve :

Having all the features of real player, but smaller than the Real Player 10, specially for slow computers, or people who dont want to use too much of processing head used by real player 10

-ve :

Looks Shit

No Searching Media Library


Rank 2

VLC Player


+ve :

  1. Open Source
  2. Plays all major music formats
  3. no need to download divx etc
  4. Looks Good With Skins
  5. Lets you play .flv files (.flv files which u download from youtube, google videos)
  6. More on how to rip from youtube etc at

-ve :

Problems associating with online streaming, with browser

No Searching Media library


Rank 3

Music Match Jukebox

Windows Media Player 10

+ve :


Search Media Library

-ve :

Real Player 10 has all its features + rm, ram etc


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Free Flash Mp3 Player, Free XSPF Playlist Generator

Well i got the mp3 player online

so i just programmed the XSPF Playlist generator for it

You can download the whole thing at

under the Music Section, I hope this is useful to u as it is to me